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What can I say? My life is hectic.

Hello again my readers. I realize there might not be that many of you after such an extended period of time, but who knows – I feel a comeback in the making. Apologies once again for this blog taking the back seat in my life. But, I will try and blog once at least once a week from now on.

So for my re-return to blogging, let’s talk about a legend.


While my mother was here helping get my roommate’s and my house a little more organized/cleaner, we took the evening to go see the newly released move, Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett and company. And let me just tell you this….


Now, for those who are unsure why we needed another Robin Hood movie after Kevin Costner and Alan Rickman in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves back in ’91, the following will explain.

Alan Rickman in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

This tale of Robin Hood is actually the prequel to the legend that most households are familiar with. It tells the story of Robin, an archer in King Richard the Lionheart’s Crusades.

When King Richard and his army are headed home toward England, they are poor and so they ram-sack all of the castles along the way back home to help compensate for their financial woes. While traveling, Richard asks for an honest man to tell him if he thought his Crusades were pleasing to God, Robin speaks up and tells him no (in a much more meaningful and intelligent way) and is put in shackles along with his friends. Eventually, they escape and are fleeing convicts who discover a plot that could destroy the kingdom. And that’s all I’ll tell you because you should go see it!

Russell Crowe as Robin Hood (and looking sexy doin’ it)

Anyways, for anyone doubting Russell as Robin Hood or the plot in general, doubt no longer. It has all the great mystery, adventure, battle scenes and romance to make it a sitting-at-the-edge-of-your-seat film. Plus, Russell Crowe looks mighty fine kicking ass. Check out the trailer below!

Until I feel like blogging again (which will maybe be this weekend or next week sometime), happy hunting!

Mary Jane


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