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Mashed potatoes and green bean casserole

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and since I probably won’t blog, I supposed I should talk about the food holiday now.

Food and store sales are the big topic all around during this part of the year and lots of people complain about having to hang out with all the other family members that are weird or obnoxious, hug too tight or give big sloppy kisses. And I know the feeling; sometimes you just want to have a feast to yourself and not be troubled by your Aunt Marge’s urinary problems that she makes all too public.

But seriously, what are you thankful for?
It’s not a question many people think about very often. We take a lot for granted in this world and I think that if we all took minute or two each day to just think of one or two things that we are thankful for, we would all be a lot happier and enjoy life more.

Here’s a small list of all the million things I’m thankful for and am very blessed to have in my life (yes, now would be the appropriate “awww” moment) which is NOT in any particular order.

My mom, Melanie
My dad, Jon
My older brother, Will
My younger brother, Sam
My grandmother, June
My grandfather, Gary
My other grandfather, Jim
My pets: (cats) Bella, Squeak and Xena, (dogs) Remington and Indigo, (horse) Joe, (ferret) Charlotte, and (turtle) Red
My best friends: Joy R, Melinda M, Kristin W, Leah R, Joe B, Bryan F, Lindsay S, Danielle A, Gabe E*
My other very close friends: Katie V, Tamra N, Brooke F, Maureen M, Alex Z, Sarah B, Kelly K, Sarah J, Anna G, Anna S, JT C, Jeff J, Elizabeth D, Ruth A, Rebecca R, Molly L, Juliana B, and so many more that I cannot even list*
Every single person that I count as a friend (so many!)*
My house
That I have always had food to eat
All my material items
Jesus Christ and God
My SAI family
All the privileges and opportunities I’ve been given
My intelligence
My talent
My drive to work hard
My imagination
Harry Potter
So many more!

Really when it comes down to it, I’m so thankful for everything/person that has made a positive influence on my life. Thank you all so much and I love and cherish every single one of you, mentioned or not mentioned! You are wonderful to me beyond measure and most of the time when I truly don’t deserve it. Thank you thank you thank you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Luckiest girl alive,

Mary Jane

*If you are not listed here, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not take offense! It’s impossible for me to name all the many people that are important in my life, because all of you truly are important to me. Otherwise I would not take the time to talk to you. Promise! Thanks and love!


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