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Mashed potatoes and green bean casserole

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and since I probably won’t blog, I supposed I should talk about the food holiday now.

Food and store sales are the big topic all around during this part of the year and lots of people complain about having to hang out with all the other family members that are weird or obnoxious, hug too tight or give big sloppy kisses. And I know the feeling; sometimes you just want to have a feast to yourself and not be troubled by your Aunt Marge’s urinary problems that she makes all too public.

But seriously, what are you thankful for?
It’s not a question many people think about very often. We take a lot for granted in this world and I think that if we all took minute or two each day to just think of one or two things that we are thankful for, we would all be a lot happier and enjoy life more.

Here’s a small list of all the million things I’m thankful for and am very blessed to have in my life (yes, now would be the appropriate “awww” moment) which is NOT in any particular order.

My mom, Melanie
My dad, Jon
My older brother, Will
My younger brother, Sam
My grandmother, June
My grandfather, Gary
My other grandfather, Jim
My pets: (cats) Bella, Squeak and Xena, (dogs) Remington and Indigo, (horse) Joe, (ferret) Charlotte, and (turtle) Red
My best friends: Joy R, Melinda M, Kristin W, Leah R, Joe B, Bryan F, Lindsay S, Danielle A, Gabe E*
My other very close friends: Katie V, Tamra N, Brooke F, Maureen M, Alex Z, Sarah B, Kelly K, Sarah J, Anna G, Anna S, JT C, Jeff J, Elizabeth D, Ruth A, Rebecca R, Molly L, Juliana B, and so many more that I cannot even list*
Every single person that I count as a friend (so many!)*
My house
That I have always had food to eat
All my material items
Jesus Christ and God
My SAI family
All the privileges and opportunities I’ve been given
My intelligence
My talent
My drive to work hard
My imagination
Harry Potter
So many more!

Really when it comes down to it, I’m so thankful for everything/person that has made a positive influence on my life. Thank you all so much and I love and cherish every single one of you, mentioned or not mentioned! You are wonderful to me beyond measure and most of the time when I truly don’t deserve it. Thank you thank you thank you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Luckiest girl alive,

Mary Jane

*If you are not listed here, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not take offense! It’s impossible for me to name all the many people that are important in my life, because all of you truly are important to me. Otherwise I would not take the time to talk to you. Promise! Thanks and love!


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Okay, I know that the title of this blog may not make sense to everyone, but to most of you fine fellows out there, you probably know that it stands for To Write Love On Her Arms.

I’m a big fan of charities, as you will find as you continue to read my future blogs (in fact this is the first charity of the month blog). So let me give you a small over view of this wonderful charity and how you can help support it.

To Write Love On Her Arms, according the the official website, “is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.  TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.”
The main site then continues with it’s vision, the reason it was started, and the letter/story that started it all.
It’s a truly sad, beautiful and touching story. To get the full grasp of this charity. Go to and read all of it. You won’t regret it.n1317900118_30107597_1685

Now how can you support this organization? If you’re all into donating money, click here to pay online via PayPal (which is verified and safe).
You can also follow them on twitter at, become a fan on Facebook, friend them on MySpace, and/or on the designated day (THIS FRIDAY), write “Love” or “TWLOHA” or something symbolic of the organization on your inner forearm and post a picture of it online and make sure everyone can see it during the day, for the whole day.

So please please please, this charity is LEGITIMATE and you should support it anyway that you can. It’s such a good thing that’s going and there are a lot of celebrities and musicians who support it. All of the information can be found here at their main site.


Hope and Love for All,

Mary Jane

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Yay movie blog!

This weeks movies are pretty exciting, so let’s get the film rolling!


Emmy Rossum, Zach Gilford and Ashley Springer star with Ana Gasteyer, Rooney Mara, Sandra Bernhard and Alan Cumming in a story of high school seniors that is full of love, jealousy, and quite a good twist. When a pompous actor tells good girl Alexa (Rossum) that she hasn’t lived, she embarks on a bold journey that takes her to mysterious bad boy Johnny (Gilford). Envious, her shy best friend Ben (Springer) also dares to pursue Johnny, complicating Alexa’s romance and pushing the boundaries among the three friends.*

Overall this looks way better than most teen movies. It seems to have a depth behind it that is lacking in today’s young adult world. I’ve been a big fan of Emmy since I saw her in Phantom of the Opera and she looks very promising in this film.

Here’s the link for the trailer


Zombieland is a horror/comedy flick starring Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin as survivors of a zombie apocolapse. Together they take an extended road trip in an attempt to find a sanctuary free from zombies, following a set of “rules” designed to keep them alive where others have failed, all the while trying to “enjoy the little things” in a post-apocalyptic world, killing zombies.*

This movie is pretty funny. I saw it a couple weeks ago and really enjoyed it. BUT be prepared, the zombies are pretty gory. This isn’t your kinda fake looking Shaun of the Dead style of zombie, they are definitely gross. So if that freaks you out and you’re not into a lot of gore, wait and watch it with a group of friends at home. But I recommend it. Super good.

Here’s the link for it’s trailer


This is the movie I’m OBSESSING over right now. It looks soooooo good. Here’s the synopsis.

Clareece “Precious” Jones is an overweight, illiterate African-American teen in Harlem. Just as she’s about to give birth to her second child, Jones is accepted into an alternative school where a teacher helps her find a new path in her life.*

So this is going to be amazing. I am looking forward to this movie so much. I can’t even express. Just see for yourself, the trailer is below.


See you at the movies,

Mary Jane



*Derived from the synopsis on the official movie website or other site


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Single and Looking

Apologies and Halloween follow-up

First of all, I apologize for the lack of blog for Halloween. It’s kind of an event for me and my roommates, plus having an old high school friend up for a visit made for not so much time for blogging.

Halloween is unfortunately over. How sad! My Halloween was full of candy, Harry Potter, college costume humor (and sluts), and all the festivities that go with. It was a long and fun night. Pictures below (top to bottom) of Kendra (aka banner that said Kostume) and myself and Jennifer the cop and I.



Oh, Ginny time was probably the best time of my life….okay that’s an exaggeration. More pictures another blog!

Now, enough about Halloween, as I need to get over it because it is well, over.

What this blog is about is actually kind of silly.
Everyone on any social site will know what I’m talking about when I say the Bod Profilers. You all have been friend requested by these people. They’re the ones that add you on MySpace or Facebook, usually saying something along the lines of “wutz up cutay?”, “Wanna party?”, “it wud b cool to get to no u better” or “lets chat”, and have their default picture of their abs and/or chest. Often times, their names are a weird spelling using symbols or something like “Hot Rocker” or “(name) Single and Looking.”


IDK who's these are. See? Nice, but too much for profile picture. Where's your face? What if it's ugly? Ew.

Why am I bringing this up? Because it happens ALL THE TIME to me! What I really want to know is, why are they posting pictures of themselves half-naked? And why do they advertise the fact that they are single in their display names and or statuses? Do they think that it’s going to attract females to their sites if they have nice abs or have banners stating their availability? Are they trying to impress and intimidate fellow men? Maybe it’s some sort of secret guy competition that we girls have no clue about. Or maybe, just maybe, these boys are a little too desperate for attention.

If you want my honest opinion on the matter, I think that it’s equivalent to a photo of a girl dressed up in lingerie or something in the range of slutty or showy. It may be nice to look at, but you wouldn’t want to marry it or even be personal with it. And the name thing drives me up the wall. Really? It’s just asking me to think of you as a pedophile or stalker/creep. It’s too blunt. Don’t you want there to be any mystery for the mind? Boys, you want to let them imagine “What if he’s single? What if he has an awesome bod?” Mysterious = sexy!! Hello and duh!

So men, please, please, PLEASE if you want me to take you seriously, don’t put a picture of your abs as your profile picture.

Next blog will be the twitter-er of the week and something else.

Left over candy and internet safety,

Mary Jane

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My Life Would Suck Without Kelly

The lights dim and the crowd cheers loudly. Then the opener, Eric Hutchinson, takes the stage…..

….and the crowd dies….

Admittedly, Eric has a wonderful voice and a song or two that would make great hits, but they were lost amongst the other similar sounds of bass I IV V chords, easy guitar riffs, jazzy piano and uninteresting drum beats. Case in point, he sounded like a funk/reggae version of Jason Mraz but not as good, and all his songs blended into each other. I must give him major props though for handling the obvious non-involvement from the crowd. He cracked some pretty good jokes to help soften the blow. Really, it was just not the right demographic for him. He belongs more on a college campus, or with the high school crowd.

Enough about him. This blog is about someone better.


The audience was screaming for her as soon as the music began, the scrim lifted, and all the sudden WHAM! Lights drench the band and Kelly Clarkson who is belting out All I Ever Wanted. I seriously almost cried. It was totally and completely epic, in every sense of the word.

The following is a list of the rest of the night’s line up (with the album in parenthesis)

Miss Independent (Thankful)
I Do Not Hook Up (All I Ever Wanted)
That I Would Be Good (cover song)
Can Use Somebody (cover of Kings of Leon)
Breakaway (Breakaway)
If I Can’t Have You (All I Ever Wanted)
Never Again (My December)
Lies (cover of The Black Keys)
Walkin’ After Midnight (cover of Patsy Cline)
Acoustic version of Behind These Hazel Eyes (Breakaway)
I Want You (All I Ever Wanted)
Because of You (Breakaway)
Ready (All I Ever Wanted)
~Then there was this awesome horn solo by her saxophonist, trombonist and trumpet player leading into
Since You’ve Been Gone (Breakaway)
Acoustic version of Sober (My December)
Already Gone (All I Ever Wanted)
~Then there was a break where Kelly had a change of outfit and the DJ started playing The Muse and a bunch of other great music into this awesome blend which led into…
Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes cover)
My Life Would Suck Without You (All I Ever Wanted)

This is what I have to say about Kelly: you know all those supposed “stars” who in real life are awful singers? Well, Kelly Clarkson IS NOT one of them!
The only complaint I had was that Kelly did the acoustic version of Behind These Hazel Eyes… I just wanted to hear it belted out in all it’s glory because it’s my absolute FAVORITE Kelly song off of my favorite Clarkson album, Breakaway. Otherwise, it was non-stop amazing vocals and musical talent from Kelly and her band.

You want to know the best thing about Clarkson? She is a REAL woman. She’s not some twiggy little girl trying to be awesome on stage for millions of little 12 year olds. No. Kelly is about my size, which is not small. She has curves, boobs, a butt and arms. And she is beautiful.

Power ballads and true beauty,

Mary Jane

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All I Ever Wanted….

Because I had a spot of time and needed to get my mind off of all the homework I have to do, I decided I should blog a little earlier than planned.


If you happen to be a huge Kelly Clarkson fan, you might recognize the title of this blog as it is the name of Kelly’s tour. Now I won’t go into all the reasons why you SHOULD be a Kelly fan (amazing voice, fun and unique pop tunes, smart, beautiful, herself, the first and BEST American Idol…), but you should know that her tour is making its way across the Midwest. In fact, it’s coming to my home state of Nebraska! This talented woman is performing at the Pershing Center in Lincoln this Thursday, October 29th…. and I’M GOING TO IT. So obviously, this is what I’m obsessing over at the current moment. I will be giving you the low down on it all for sure this weekend (including the song list, opening bands, and a lil background info just to really show you how awesome Kelly truly is).

On the other side of the pond, Halloween is this weekend! And EVERYONE should be excited about it. So to get you uber pumped, I’m going to list some of the best/worst costume ideas I’ve seen/heard, discuss why Halloween is awesome, and why everyone should enjoy it, no matter what they believe.


1. Anything Harry Potter: Not the most unique, but certainly still cool because it’s Harry Potter. In fact, I’m going as Ginny Weasley and my roommate iscmsBlog21-180px-WheresWaldo going as Hermione. The coolest part, it’s cheap!

2. Waldo. Yes, the famous “Where’s Waldo” books’ leading man. He’s dorky, he wears stripes, it’s easy to reproduce, and it’s nerdy chic.

3. Lego. Get yourself a cardboard box and paint it a bright, obnoxious color and add some bumps, grab a partner and you have the best pair costume I’ve heard of in a while. It’s very inexpensive, and it’s unique and interesting. One of my roommate’s best friend came up with this idea. Pretty awesome.

4. iPod. C’mon, this is hilarious. Get a big cardboard box and make it look like a giant iPod, with you in the screen! Too funny.

5. A burrito. Hot dogs and hamburgers are overrated. A burrito would be way better/funnier. Don’t ask me how to do it, but I’m sure that it wouldn’t be too hard to make.


1. Anything Twilight. Over done, over thought, and totally predictable. ‘Nuff said.halloween-costumes

2. French maid, cop, nurse, fairy, etc. See above reasoning. Unless you made it so that they looked authentic, then it would be different (aka, no super short/tight outfits; perfect example to the right).

3. Mad scientist. Unless you are actually so nerdy that you are scientist (no offense!) then you shouldn’t do this. It’s a snoozefest.

4. Sexy zombie. Really? Zombies aren’t supposed to be sexy. They’re gross. So either go all out, or don’t go out at all.

5. Anything 80’s. Too easy and also too overdone. It’s just boring.

Why EVERYONE Should Enjoy Halloween

First of all, it’s FUN. What other day of the year allows you to dress up anyway that you want and it’s completely acceptable to society? No other day! And it would be pretty un-American of you not to join in, since it started here in the good ol’ US of A. You also get to carve pumpkins and go to pumpkin patches! Messy pumpkin guts and hay rides are always a good time.halloween2004_1280

Second of all, there’s candy. You get to go around, get free candy, and eat until you get sick. Always a plus.

Thirdly, it’s for all ages! Halloween is enjoyable from birth to old age. And it’s appropriate for all ages, too. Halloween can be softened up so that younger children don’t get scared and at the same time be amped up to really get your fright going if you’re in high school or college. If you’re a grown adult, you can always have a social adult party with spiked liquid brains, awesome decorations and costume contests.

Also, there’s the movies. Watch a scary slasher (Texas Chainsaw), a great thriller (The Ring), a funny zombie flick (Shaun of the Dead or Zombieland), or something just plain awesome (pretty much anything Tim Burton or Harry Potter).

Finally, there’s one thing that is very annoying, and that is all the parents who freak out because they think that celebrating Halloween is the celebration of the devil or it isn’t holy enough or something. I’m pretty sure that in most religious texts, they do not forbid people from participating in dressing up as something else and eating candy. And, being somewhat religious myself, I am fairly certain that it will not turn you away from your beliefs if you participate, even from a small age.

And that’s why EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN AMERICA (well anywhere really) should enjoy and celebrate Halloween. Go take a break and have some fun!

More to come on Halloween, Kelly and other obsessions tomorrow and this weekend. Until then….

Spooky plots and hit singles,

Mary Jane

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The beginning

So, this is the first blog entry! This blog will be about any and everything I am currently obsessing over. It will be updated at least 3 times a week, give or take and will include such things as fashion, movies, literature, music, ideas, news and etc.

Since I don’t really have my first official obsession blog thought out yet, we will just go over some fun things relating to my name, as I usually get a lot of either teasing or compliments because of it.

The Many Meanings of Mary Jane

1. Pot. Weed. Marijuana. Yes, Mary Jane is another name for this. It’s not something I do, personally. But, I won’t hate you if you do it.christian-louboutin-decocolico-mary-jane

2. Then there’s the Mary Jane ski trail at Winter Park Ski Resort in Colorado. It also happens to be the name of the back side of a mountain. It is full of difficult ski courses. Pretty cool if you ask me. It’s how I get stuff with my name on it without having it specially embroidered/made.

3. The shoe. Everyone has seen a Mary Jane style shoe! It’s the one with a single strap across the foot (see picture at right). It’s a cute and sexy style and appropriate for all ages.

4. The candy. Did you know that there’s a Mary Jane candy? NECCO brand came up with a wonderfully chewy peanut butter toffee and named it Marybulk-w-mary jane Jane. It’s not extremely popular anymore, but is usually seen more often around Halloween time.

5. Apparently, I just found out that there is a cocktail named The Mary Jane Cocktail. Here’s a link if you want the recipe. Kinda cool. I should order one in the future.

6. Obviously, there’s also Mary J. Blige and the unfortunate case of Mary Jane Kelly. Wiki/Google them if you don’t know who they are.

7. Mary Jane is in the title of several songs. “Last Dance with Mary Jane” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, “Mary Jane” by The Click Five, “Mary Jane (All Night Long)” by Mary J. Blige, “What’s the New Mary Jane” by the Beatles, “Mary Jane” by Silvertide, and many many oth118835-165345-mary-jane_largeers. Some are obviously using it as a metaphor for drugs while others use it as a character (oddly enough, a sad one) for their song.

8. I also just found out that there was a popular brand in the 80’s called Mary Jane Girls. Interesting.

9. And of course (probably the coolest one), is Mary Jane Watson – the love interest of Spiderman and the main character of her own comic series aimed towards teenage girls, called Spiderman Loves Mary Jane.

10. Then there’s me. =] Which you will be finding out more and more about every time I post! I promise I will put up pictures of myself later. I figure a blog about my name is conceited enough, right?

There you have it! A real blog will come later this week on Wednesday.

XOXO, Mary Jane

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