I’m always obsessed with new fashion and what people are wearing. So here are some new trends!

Um... kinda crazy examples. I'm not sure what designer these are from.

Patterned Tights

Tights with all sorts of patterns on them, from roses to paisley and zebra to leopard, are hitting the scene in tidal waves. I think this is a very romantic/kid flashback trend. I feel like back in the 90’s lots of little girls wore patterned tights – at least I did!

Although I like the idea of this new fashion statement, it has to be done right… and you have to be so thin to pull off some of the patterns, otherwise it will make your legs look huge! So, don’t clash your tights with your clothing and don’t pick patterns that will not compliment your legs. Luckily, tights without patterns are still in, so if you don’t want to risk fattening yourself up, stick to a solid color.

Good way

Bad way

Drape Vests

Okay. These are the vests that hang loose and that don’t have buttons and are cut so that the front is longer so they sort of drape (well, obviously) by your side. I cannot tell you how many of these I have seen on campus and especially at the Kelly Clarkson concert. If I had a nickel for every one I saw…. holy cow!

I want one.. and I don’t. You have to be kind of tall and lanky to pull it off. Also, HAIR UP. Because if your hair is covering the top of it, people are just left wondering if it’s a scarf or rags.


Burberry snood for men

Cute woman's snood

If you’re not really up to date with what’s going on in fashion, you might think I’m on crack. What the heck is a “snood” ? Well, it’s a scarf and a hood. How does this work? Really, it’s like a scarf that has no end, tube-esque, so that you can wear it just around your neck or you can wear it around the neck and over the head. And, it’s a unisex style. Both men and women have been seen sporting these.

I love it. I want one sooooo bad! I always liked the way scarves looked when you couldn’t see the ends, and now I don’t have to worry about tucking them in and such. Perfect!

Layers of love,

Mary Jane


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